***As of March 2016, Piper Pediatric Dentistry is not accepting new patients with State insurance***

Policy on Medicaid and State Dental Coverage

To Parents of children with Medicaid coverage:

  • Children age 5 and under are covered by a specially funded ABCD program and are eligible for all dental care at Piper Pediatric Dentistry. After the age of 6, the patient will be seen based on treatment needs and may be “graduated” out to a cooperating dental clinic. Patients who have “graduated” may be seen by Piper Pediatric Dentistry for treatment only with a referral.

  • New patients 6 years of age and older with Medicaid dental coverage will be seen for treatment by referral only. Upon completion of dental treatment, the patient is to be seen by the referring dentist for follow-up and preventive care. If the patient does not have a dental home, our office is more than happy to help in making arrangements at one of the community health clinics.

  • Medicaid coverage will not be accepted for patients age 9 and older. Current patients of Piper Pediatric Dentistry will be “graduated” to a cooperating dental clinic that accepts their age and insurance coverage. Our office may assist in this relocation but is not responsible for making dental appointments. All records will be transferred at the request of the patient’s parent/guardian.

  • We will provide emergency care for all patients that have “graduated” for 30 days following their last visit.

  • Patients will not be seen if Medicaid coverage is inactive at the time of a scheduled appointment. The appointment will be rescheduled at least 30 days into the future to provide time for reactivation.